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Pamper Me Nail Spa

Pamper Me Nail Spa in Fells Point

913 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

(443) 449-6226

A New Salon

If you’ve read my other nail salon post, you know that I have been going to my other salon for a longgg time now. But this week I tried out this new salon, Pamper Me Nail Spa in Fells Point!

Nail Technicians

My favorite nail technician, Tiffany, recently moved here from Inspire so I obviously had to follow her & I am so glad I did! Lucy, has also moved here as well. They're both great and I highly recommend requesting them for your nails, but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with any of the other nail techs!

Also, you can follow Tiffany & Lucy on their IG @tiffany_lucy9339.


Pamper Me is right on the water in Fells, facing the Pendry Hotel. It's on the same strip as Pitango, down past the wine bar and sushi place. Not only is the view outside great, the inside of this salon is very fresh, bright and clean. The massage chairs are brand new and way fancier than some other salons in the area. All their tools are sterilized after each customer, so I know I'm not at risk for any bacteria or infections.


I do have to say that parking can be a tad annoying. I feel like it’s usually pretty hard to find parking in downtown Fells but don’t let this deter you from visiting this salon. I would recommend just parking further away and walking, there's a lot to see around the area anyways.


This salon has so many dipping powder options and they also use the actual dip topcoat, not the gel!!!!

And they have their OPI dips matched with their OPI polish for an easily matched mani/pedi.

Also they're a tad cheaper than Inspire, so you'll save a few bucks here.


Bryan and Tina opened this salon not long ago, maybe about 5 months, and they've done a great job!

All of the staff is all super friendly and nice, and so willing to help you with anything you need. Bryan helped me find the exact polish I was looking for and showed me around since it was my first time there. He also offered me water and wine right when I sat down, and checked on me throughout my appointnemt.

He also took pictures of my nails for his official salon instagram as well, @pamperme_nail_fellspoint.

How to Book

If you want to try out a new salon, you should definitely stop by Pamper Me! You can book your appointment online! Which is amazing and not a lot of salons have the ability!

But obviously you can still call them to book as well.

COVID Precautions

They check your temperature when you enter and you have to wash our hands as well. They have installed clear barriers between you and the tech and they don't sit customers next to each other.

They wipe down the stations and chairs between customers and have hand sanitizer available as well.

Also all the technicians wear their masks and they also enforce mask wearing of all customers.

I am so glad I followed Tiffany & found another salon I love! :)

& they also have wine so... girls day!

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