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Where to Get Waxed in Baltimore City

1120 North Charles Street, Suite 102

Baltimore, MD 21201

(443) 438-9487

Ok so is this not the cutest, trendiest wax bar you've ever seen?!

I've tried out many wax places in the city, but I have been solely getting my waxes done by Valerie Gittings at Smooth Wax Bar since 2019! She owes this place and is the absolute best!

Getting a wax is a pretty up-close and personal experience but Val makes you feel completely comfortable and she is so easy to talk to. We literally have the best conversations, it's like you get a mini therapy-vent sesh in addition to your wax LOL!

Ok so now about the actual waxing part. If you've tried out different wax studios, like me, you'll know that not all estheticians treat your skin (& personal areas) with the same care. At Smooth Wax Bar, they pride themselves on being a wax only boutique, which I feel makes them experts in their field. They only wax all day, every day and are really good at it!

Another issue I've run into is that a lot of wax studios will rush you in & out. And while your esthetician is rushing; areas of hair will be missed, skin will be burned or [in one case for me] ripped off, etc. You will not run into those issues here. Val really takes her time and I get a great wax from her every single time!

You should definitely go check out this awesome wax bar!

If you're a first time client, call to make an appointment but after that you can book online.

AND you can tip through Venmo! :)


“I found that I loved making my clients fall in love with themselves and their bodies. We are all truly beautiful in our own unique way, and oddly enough, many of us feel a lot better about ourselves when we remove that fuzziness. LOL!" -Valerie

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