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My Favorite Baltimore Chiropractor

Dr. Randy Hallman at Canton Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

2700 Fait Ave, Baltimore MD 21224

(410) 342-0502

I have had chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches since probably high school. Playing year round volleyball definitely takes some tolls on your joints and back. I went to PT back in high school but didn't stick with it and I even tried seeing a Chiropractor a few years ago but didn't stick with it. This year I decided that I was done with the pain and wanted to try to actually do something about it, which is how I found Dr. Randy Hallman at Canton Chiropractic & PT.

My first experience with chiropractic medicine wasn't the best. I went to an office that was pretty big, and it always felt like a get in - get out type of situation. They would have assistants do most of the treatment, which at this place consisted of e-stim for about 15 min, and then the Chiropractor would just stop by and do your adjustment real quick and then you would leave. It just wasn't for me.

So one of the main things that drew me to Dr. Randy Hallman's office was that I felt like I could actually get the individual attention that my first experience was lacking. And I definitely did! My appointments are solely mine and I have Dr. Randy's undivided attention for the hour. Also not only are my treatments focused on my current pain, we also work on ways to prevent it in the future, for example, by stretching and strengthening the muscles.

Dr. Randy also adjusts his treatments based on how my body is responding to them over the weeks.

He also uses a variety of different treatment methods, which I feel have been beneficial. On top of the normal chiropractic adjustments, I have also had scraping (SASTM), cupping, stretching and dry-needling done as well.

If you want a individualized chiropractic experience, you need to go see Dr. Randy Hallman!

I cannot recommend him enough!

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