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My Laundry Essentials

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Linen Laundry Hampers with handles - these are so roomy and have withstood

being dragged up and down the stairs many times

Because I have mildly sensitive skin, I've always used a Free & Clear detergent.

I have been using this Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin detergent for the past year. This size lasts so long and is a subscribe & save item, so it's SO cheap!

Because I use an unscented detergent I use, Downy Infusions liquid fabric softener to give my laundry some scent. Downy Infusions are my favorite fabric softeners because their scents are all just so great.

Bliss, sparkling amber & rose, is my absolute favorite scent!

& Calm, lavender & vanilla bean, is a close second.

And lastly, these mesh laundry bags are so great for protecting your delicates

and are $8 for the whole set!

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