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IKEA Kallax Hack

A new trend I've been seeing all over TikTok is Ikea Hacks! I saw this specific one from @mandy.paulino and knew I had to try it! But I did a few things slightly different. Here's how I made mine!

What You'll Need

Ikea Kallax Shelf - I found mine cheap on FB marketplace!

4 1x2 8ft pine planks - get the pine; I got both and pine is definitely better quality

2 gold cabinet knobs - comes in a 5pk and I'm using the extras on my next project

Staple gun - I got a 2-in-1 Dewalt Stapler/Nailer

1qt Behr Marquee "Polar Bear" flat

Small Paint Roller - for the shelf

1" Paintbrush - for the frames

How To Do It

  1. Cut your pine planks into 8 pieces at 28 3/8" and 8 pieces at 14 3/8"

  2. Put the frames together by using the flat corner braces and wood glue to make it more secure.

    1. Tip: Mark all holes and then drill tiny holes on only one side of the brace at a time, in case you need to adjust them later. Drilling these tiny holes helps the screw go in easier.

  3. Let the glue dry and then sand the frames down very thoroughly to get a good smooth, high quality finish. I used my electric sander

  4. Fill in any holes or divots with wood filler. I specifically filled the sawed edges (that would show) that were still rough after sanding. Obviously sand down again in those areas.

  5. I also sanded the top and sides of the Kallax shelf because I was planning on painting them.

  6. Then you PAINT! I did 2 layers. I painted the frames and also the top and sides of the Kallax shelf. I used a roller on the shelf and a brush on the frames. I wanted a little texture on my shelf.

  7. Measure and cut burlap to fit the frame.

  8. Hold the burlap taught and use the staple gun to staple the edges of the burlap to your frames.

    1. Tip: make sure you stretch the burlap as tight as possible and use as many staples needed to keep everything tight and in place.

  9. Put 2 of the frames together using 2 mending plates to create one big door. One plate on the top and one plate on the bottom.

  10. Do the same for the last 2 frames.

  11. Next up, attach 2 of the hinges to the top and bottom of each of the doors. I did this with the shelf on it side to make it easier.

    1. I only did the one middle screw on each hinge, on both sides to make sure my doors lined up properly. That way you don't have to take out ALL of the screws if there's a mistake.

  12. After the hinges are attached, line up and attach your magnetic catches wherever you feel they'll work the best. I did the middle inside instead of the middle top. But it's all preference.

  13. Lastly, screw holes where you want your knobs to be and attach!

And that is all! I completed this project in 3 days!

If you try this project or something similar, comment it below so I can see!!

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