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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I am an avid wine drinker; red, white, sometimes a good dry rosé. So when I heard they were wine subscription services I knew I have to try it out. You know to keep refilling my cart LOL!

I've been getting my Winc wines delivered for over a year now and have been super happy with them.

To get $22 off your Winc wine order use my link here!

I do also have the option to give away a free box of 3 wines, all you have to do is pay shipping & tax.

If you're interested in this, send me a message with your email so I can send you your personal link.

Winc is super easy and uses your ratings to find the best wines for your palate.

1. Fill out a 6 question Palate Profile to see what kind of wines and flavors you like.

2. Winc will recommend wines they think you'll like based off these Q's & then you can pick to have

these selected wines sent to you or you can pick different ones you want to try instead.

3. Once you rate the wines sent, they will be able to make better recommendations.

The more you rate, the better the recommendations :)

Products Featured Above:

I got this actual bar cart off Facebook Marketplace and spray painted it gold. But here is a similar one.

Featured Games:

Secret Hitler - so fun!

Homemade Vanilla Extract made by my sister.

Cocktail napkins from our favorite realtor, Olivia Stephens!

Similar napkins here.


'Rainbow Ginny' Pink Edged Peperomia Clusiifolia (left) - one of my favorites, hard to kill

'Sunny Star' Croton (right) - I hate this one

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