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Explore Baltimore

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

I've been living in this city, full of hidden gems, for the past 4 years!

Throughout this time, I've compiled a list/guide of lots of things to do

and places to go, to share with my friends.

Baltimore has so much to offer, you just have to know where to look!

Go exploring, safely, with this guide.

This guide is great for traveling healthcare professions

so don't forget to share with all your new traveling friends!

And fellow Baltimoreans, if you can think of any other hidden gems of Charm City

that you'd like to share, comment or message me so I can add them to the list!

Happy Exploring!

Neighborhoods to Know

Fell's Point - waterfront shops and restaurants

Canton - lots of bars and restaurants, Canton Square and it's right below Patterson Park

Fed Hill - lots of bars, good nightlife, Federal Hill Park

Mt. Vernon - more city feel, gay bars

Inner Harbor - aquarium, Camden Yards, and other touristy things

Little Italy - tiny but great Italian food

Harbor East - upscale shops and restaurants

Hampden (not pictured) - very hipster, great food

*the red line is a walkable/run-able promenade

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