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Calzuro Clogs

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

As a healthcare employee, on my feet for 12 hours a day, Calzuro clogs are my absolute favorite shoe.

I have been avid wearer of Dansko clogs since I was in RT school and I have owned so many pairs.

But I honestly haven't worn them since I switched over to my Calzuro Clogs with Upper Ventilation.

I chose to go for the upper ventilation to make them more breathable but I know a lot of other healthcare professionals who own the Calzuro Clogs with No Ventilation Holes and they love them just as much. These are slip resistant and help reduce foot fatigue AND they are a lot cheaper than Dansko's at only $104 vs $200+.

See the anatomy of a calzuro below.

These clogs come in so many different colors AND they have optional Interchangeable Heel Straps and an option for Washable Comfort Insoles, which I have and really like, I literally won't wear my Calzuro's without their inserts.

They are also super easy to clean! I have included the daily disinfection and cleaning methods approved below. I personally wipe them down with bleach or wipes at the hospital and wash them every few weeks in my laundry machine.

Get yourself some Calzuro's!


Shop my Outfit

Pineapple compression socks - come in a pack of 7 with other fun designs or just by themselves

Calzuro's with Upper Ventilation in Teal - I normal wear a size 8 shoe and ordered these in a 37/38

Heel Straps in orange and the Washable Comfort Insoles - together increase the comfort even more

Figs Zamora Jogger Scrub Pants in Navy - pricey but so comfy


Calzuro Cleaning Methods


Anatomy of a Calzuro Clog

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