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A Baltimore City Valentine's Day in 2021

Our neighborhood BUS sculpture, on Eastern & East Ave by the Creative Alliance, is always being decorated and Valentine's Day was no exception. The sculpture featured these 3 giant tuled hearts and was the perfect backdrop for a little Valentine's photo op before our dinner date.


My Valentine's outfit featured some amazon items. (surprise lol)

High waisted Black Leather Pencil Skirt with slit

Solid Black Sheer Tights with reinforced toe

My FAVORITE matte lipstick - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in Lolita

This lipstick literally lasts through everything! Mask wearing, eating, drinking, you name it.


We went to dinner at a restaurant I have been dying to go to, Bar Vasquez! It's an Argentine steakhouse, tapas, and lounge from Chef Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman. The food was AMAZING and the restaurant is beautifully decorated. It has modern industrial vibes with rustic elements, like their live palm trees and wooden tables. We dined upstairs in their more formal dining space, which has a great view of the more relaxed lounge and bar downstairs. I can't wait to try out the couches downstairs next time!

Baltimore Magazine did an article on the restaurant when they were first opening back in 2016.

You can read it here.

For dinner we both ordered off the 3 course set dinner menu. I got gnocchi to start, then housemade Bucatini Pasta with a pistachio pesto sauce, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. My boyfriend also got the gnocchi to start, but had the filet with mashed potatoes for dinner and chocolate flan for dessert. Everything we ate was soo good! And I could swim in that pistachio pesto sauce.

Somehow we finished all our courses in exactly 1 hour! Which is the time limit set for indoor dining around the city due to the current COVID precautions in place.


After dinner we walked a block or two over to The Elk Room, which is a little 1920's themed speakeasy. It can be found in the courtyard between Italian Disco and Tagliata. They currently have a video gamed themed cocktail menu. I got the Falcon Punch and my boyfriend got the Winds Requiem, both were really good!

Cocktails pictured:

left - Falcon Punch: Jefferson's Bourbon, Aquavit, Peach, Genmaicha, Brown Butter and Dill

right - Winds Requiem: Batavia Arrack, Oloroso Sherry, Orange, Five Spice, Chocolate, Banana, Shiitake

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