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Atomi Smart Coffee Maker

This Atomi Smart Coffee Maker is a godsend. I can start my coffee pot from bed (thanks to my Amazon Alexa and Google Home Mini, yes we have both) if I forget to schedule what days and times I want my coffee to brew through the app. Now all I need is something smart to put the coffee and water in it for me too! LOL

I got these Torani Syrups in a variety 4 pack to step up my coffee game.

It comes with Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Vanilla and Caramel.

This Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Stoneware Sugar Bowl is airtight and so cute! This is actually my second one because I dropped and shattered my first! Ugh. But obviously had to replace it!

I use this Bodum BISTRO Electric Coffee Grinder to grind all my coffee beans. It comes in some other really cute colors too, like a matte chrome stainless steel look and a copper one! I wish I knew it came in these colors because I definitely would've gotten one of these instead!

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